The Atlas Youth Athlete of the Month is an award created jointly by Atlas Insurance and the Malta Sports Journalists Association (Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports).

The Award is awarded to the Top Youth Female or Male athlete that distinguishes herself / himself during the month in review.

The Malta Sports Journalists Association is responsible for all final decisions with respect to matters concerning the Award.


  1. Athletes must be aged 21 years or less during the month in review.
  2. Athletes who would have distinguished themselves in any individual sport or team sport will be considered for the Award.
  3. Athletes who win medals / register national records / register tangible above average results in international competitions will be given priority during the evaluation process.
  4. Evaluation of international events should be given to results obtained in the below priority:
    Olympic Games (Summer/Winter/Youth)
    World Championships
    European Championships
    Commonwealth Games / Youth Games
    Mediterranean Games
    Games of the Small States of Europe
    Other international events approved by the Maltese Olympic Committee
    National Championships
  5. Athletes who exhibit some or all of the below positive qualities will be also given priority during the evaluation process:
    Leadership skills
    Team Work
    Ambassadorship (good representative of the Sport)
    Fair play / Sportsmanship
    Respect for coaches
  6. There will be two awards to be awarded per month. One for local achievements and the other one for the international achievements.
  7. The same athlete may only win each award once per year. I.e. they can win both the local award and the international award, but cannot win the international award multiple times in the same year. This can give a chance for other athletes and sports to shine.
  8. Although there will not be a monthly official call for nominations, Sports Associations / Federations and Public can send in a notification to the Malta Sports Journalists Association clearly stating their request for their athletes to be considered for the ‘Atlas Youth Athlete of the Month’. Notifications need to be sent by email to info@maltasportsjournalists.com.


Eligible shortlisted athletes will be judged by a panel of ‘experts’ namely 3 Maltese Sports Journalists under the supervision of The Malta Sports Journalists Association whose decisions will be final with respect to all matters concerning the Award. The initial shortlist of athletes will be selected solely on the basis of results achieved during the month in review. Each member of the panel has to submit 3 athletes as his/her 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference. If a member of the panel gives less than 3 preferred athletes. his/her vote will be void.

In the event of a tie, merits of top tied contenders athletes will be reconsidered using the below criteria:
Winner is identified and selected based upon a seventy percent (70%) weighting on results obtained in the month in review along with a thirty percent (30%) weighting of academic achievement / character / extra curricular as listed in 2e.

If, in the judges’ opinion, there is any suspected disciplinary action / investigation undergoing against an athlete or actual evidence of tampering / soliciting with any portion of the contest such as false results handed in or any technical difficulties that can compromise the integrity of the contest, the judging panel reserves the right to disqualify the athlete and give the award to the runner up in the month in review.


Atlas Insurance and the Malta Sports Journalists Association will award twenty-four (24) athletes from January to December. The two (2) athletes for each month will be awarded for their national and international achievements, respectively.

Each winner will receive a commemorative engraved trophy and a Sports Apparel voucher courtesy of Atlas Insurance.

In January Atlas Insurance will announce the overall winner of the Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year’ which will be selected among one of the 24 monthly winners of the previous year.


Atlas Insurance is the sole Sponsor of this Award.
Atlas Insurance and the Malta Sports Journalists Association are the owners of all rights of this Award.
Atlas Insurance and the the Malta Sports Journalists Association are also owners of the concept of this Award and shall be responsible for the organisation, the presentation, selection process, logos and all printed material.
Atlas Insurance and the the Malta Sports Journalists Association reserve the right to:
(a) Use winner’s name and publish all possible nominations submitted, (b) alter, amend, edit or change entries prior to publication and (c) use, publish, reproduce, alter, amend and copyright for purposes of advertising, promotion and trade related exclusively to the monthly and yearly Award, not in the form of a product endorsement, without agreed compensation or permission from the winner/s.

By accepting an award, winners agree to be photographed for PR reasons and interviewed by sports journalists and that such photography / videography will be used on but not limited to social media.

Awards are not transferable or redeemable for cash.


The list of winners should be kept by both Atlas Insurance and the Malta Sports Journalists Association and can be found below:

January 2020 – Rachela Pace (Sprint & Long Jump)

February 2020 – Dejan Grech (Eight Ball Pool)

March 2020 – Tenishia Thornton (Weightlifting)

April 2020 – Jake Vella (Triathlon)

May 2020 – Thomas Borg (Swimming – Paralympic Athlete)

June 2020 – Matthew Magro (Ten Pin Bowling)

July 2020 – Richard Shulthies (Sailing)

August 2020 – Sasha Gatt (Swimming)

September 2020 – Kayden Laganà (Ten Pin Bowling)

October 2020 – Haley Bugeja (Football)

November 2020 – Tenishia Thornton (Weightlifting)

December 2020 – Tara Vella Clark (Gymnastics)

Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year 2020 – Tenishia Thornton (Weightlifting)

January 2021 – Kayden Laganà (Ten Pin Bowling)

February 2021 – Francesca Curmi (Tennis)

March 2021 – Mya Azzopardi (Swimming)

April 2021 – Jeremy Zammit (Long Jump)

May 2021 – U15 National Water Polo Team

June 2021 – Sasha Gatt (Swimming)

July 2021 – Jeremy Zammit (Long Jump)

August 2021 – U17 Women Water Polo National Team

September 2021 – Zea Montfort (Artistic Swimming)

October 2021 – Lijana Sultana (Squash)

November 2021 – Matti Satariano (Darts)

December 2021 – Haley Bugeja (Football)

Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year 2021 – Haley Bugeja (Football)

January 2022 – Jeremy Zammit (Long Jump)

February 2022 – Nicolai Bonello (Pole Vault)

March 2022 – Kai Azzopardi (Triathlon)

April 2022 – Mireya Cassar (Thrower)

May 2022 – Luke Bonello (Table Tennis)

June 2022 – Tenishia Thornton (Weightlifting)

July 2022 – Matthew Galea Soler (400m Runner)

August 2022 – Malta Men’s U16 Water Polo Team

September 2022 – Lijana Sultana (Squash)

Ocotober 2022 – Chaylon and Jake Castaldi (Blackball)

November 2022 – Nicholas Muscat (Bowling)

December 2022 – Nick Mercieca (Rowing)

Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year Award 2022 – Tenishia Thornton (Weightlifting)

January 2023 – Kim Camilleri Laganà (Weightlifting)

February 2023 – Francesca Clark (Badminton)

March 2023 – Malta Men’s U17 Water Polo Team

April 2023 – Stefan Cassar (Steeplechase – Athletics)

May 2023 – Sasha Gatt (Swimming)

June 2023 – Graham Pellegrini (Athletics)

July 2023 – Malta U18 National Pool Team

August 2023 – Thyis Antonelli (Karate)

September 2023 – Jack Mizzi (Chess)

October 2023 – Philippa Busuttil (Gymnastics)

November 2023 – Steven Muscat and Jake Castaldi (Blackball)

December 2023 – Liam Daly (Triathlon)

Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year Award 2023 – Thyis Antonelli (Karate)

January 2024 – Rachela Pace (Athletics) and Kyle Satariano (Darts)

February 2024 – Cherise Farrugia (Horse Racing) and Graham Pellegrini (Athletics)

March 2024 – Neil Incorvaja (Table Tennis) and Malta’s Men U19 Water Polo Team

April 2024 – Rylee Borg (Weightlifting) and Malta’s Women U18 Volleyball Team

Sponsor: Atlas Insurance 48-50 Seafront, Ta’ Xbiex, Malta
Sports entity: Malta Sports Journalists Association, Office no 61 Tal-Qroqq Sports Complex, Triq Maria Tereża Spinelli. Gżira GŻR 1712, Malta