On the 19th December 1970, the Sport Writers Association, today known as Malta Sports Journalists Association was officially founded with the first Executive Committee formed by Fr.Hilary Tagliaferro (President), Lewis Portelli (Vice President), Joe Cutajar (General Secretary), Mario Meli (Assistant General Secretary) , Antonio Castagna (Treasurer) and Tommy Farrell (Member).

The main aims of the Association are listed below:
1. To help and assist sports reporters / journalists / photographers, camera persons and other members of the press to execute their duties in the most appropriate way.
2. To ensure that all members are granted free access to all Sports events and are provided with adequate media facilities.
3. To assist and guide in circumstances when members face difficulties in covering sports activities.
4. To organise on a yearly basis the Ghazliet Sportivi Nazzjonali where elite Maltese Sports athletes are given due recognition for their achievements.
5. To provide training to all sport media members.
6. To organise Sport media seminars in collaboration with Government entities such as Sportmalta, Malta Broadcasting Authority, PBS, Ministry of Education, and with the University of Malta.
7. To insist for the right of freedom of expression.
8. To help sports media members to become AIPS members and make them aware of the benefits.
9. To organise Young reporters programmes addressed at upcoming sports media professionals for the next generation.
10. To always respect, defend Sports Press rights.