1. Athletes must be aged 21 years or less during the month in review.
  2. Athletes who would have distinguished themselves in any individual sport or team sport will be considered for the Award.
  3. Athletes who win medals / register national records / register tangible above average results in international competitions will be given priority during the evaluation process.
  4. Evaluation of international events should be given to results obtained in the below priority:
    Olympic Games (Summer/Winter/Youth)
    World Championships
    European Championships
    Commonwealth Games / Youth Games
    Mediterranean Games
    Games of the Small States of Europe
    Other international events approved by the Maltese Olympic Committee
    National Championships
  5. Athletes who exhibit some or all of the below positive qualities will be also given priority during the evaluation process:
    Leadership skills
    Team Work
    Ambassadorship (good representative of the Sport)
    Fair play / Sportsmanship
    Respect for coaches
  6. There will be two awards to be awarded per month. One for local achievements and the other one for the international achievements.
  7. The same athlete may only win each award once per year. I.e. they can win both the local award and the international award, but cannot win the international award multiple times in the same year. This can give a chance for other athletes and sports to shine.
  8. Although there will not be a monthly official call for nominations, Sports Associations / Federations and Public can send in a notification to the Malta Sports Journalists Association clearly stating their request for their athletes to be considered for the ‘Atlas Youth Athlete of the Month’. Notifications need to be sent by email to info@maltasportsjournalists.com.


Atlas Insurance and the Malta Sports Journalists Association will award twenty four (24) athletes from January to December.

Each winner will receive a commemorative engraved trophy and a Sports Apparel voucher courtesy of Atlas Insurance.

In January Atlas Insurance will announce the overall winner of the Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year’ which will be selected among one of the 24 monthly winners of the previous year.