2 11, 2018

Maltco Lotteries presents financial assistance to SportMalta Awards 2017 winners

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Four individual athletes, a coach, an official and a local Club were officially presented their financial assistance from Maltco Lotteries following their success earlier this year at the Feb 2018 SportMalta Awards Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali.   This contest which is organised jointly by the Malta Sports Journalists Association and SportMalta, honours the best local athletes and officials who would have distinguished themselves with tangible results both locally and internationally.   During the presentation Mr Vasilev Kasiotakis CEO of Maltco Lotteries said that the company was proud to be associated with this event. He added that the direct financial assistance to the winners is a realistic confirmation that Maltco Lotteries is committed to keep assisting local sports. Mr Kasiotakis reiterated that he is proud that Maltco Lotteries is setting the agenda for direct sponsorship towards the benefit of local sports. He encouraged other companies from the private sector to follow Maltco's [...]

28 10, 2018

Imut Lev Rossoshik Viċi President tal-AIPS Europe

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L-Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports tibgħat il-kondoljanzi tagħha lill-komunita' tal-ġurnalisti tal-Isport tar-Russja hekk kif tħabbret il-mewt tal-ġurnalist popolari veteran Russu Lev Rossoshik li miet fl-eta' ta' 71 sena.   Lev Rossoshik kien awtur ta' diversi kotba dwar l-isport u ġurnalist li segwa mill-viċin ħafna avvenimenti internazzjonali tal-isport. Hu miet wara marda li ħakmitu fl-aħħar snin.   Rossoshik serva bħala Viċi President tal-AIPS Europe għal xejn inqas minn 15 -il sena u kien għal snin twal ukoll Chairman tal-AIPS Volleyball Commission.   Lev Rossoshik kien f'Malta sentejn ilu meta ltaqa' l-kumitat Eżekuttiv tal-AIPS Europe fejn kien inawgura wkoll il-wirja fotografika tal-isport organizzata mill-Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports.

28 10, 2018

AIPS Vice President Lev Rossoshik passes away

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The Malta Sports Journalists Association sends its deepest condolences to the Russian Sports Journalists Association and media community in Russia after the passing away of Lev Rossoshik after a long fought health battle.    A colleague and a mentor for many sport media colleagues, for over fifteen years he had served as vice President of AIPS Europe and for many years as chairman of the AIPS Volleyball Specialists Commission. Lev Rossoshik passed away at the age of 71.    Lev Rossoshik was present in Malta two years ago for the AIPS Europe Executive meeting and inaugurated the  Photo-Sport Exhibition which was organised by the Malta Sports Journalists Association.

13 10, 2018

The Malta Sports Journalists Association meets more sport associations

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During the months of September and October the Executive Committee of the Malta Sports Journalists Association held meetings with the Malta Baseball and Softball Association, the Archery Association of Malta and the Malta Ten Pin Bowling Association. During separate meetings, they discussed the best way for these associations to get published the sport events that they organise or participation of their athletes in local and international events. The Malta Sports Journalists Association offered to help these associations by advising with the best way to prepare their reports and how to deliver them to the right media in order to get them published. In the coming weeks the MSJA will be meeting with more sport associations.