The President and the General Secretary of the Malta Sports Journalists Association Sandro Micallef and Lorraine Cunningham held talks with Opposition Leader Dr Bernard Grech.

During the meeting which was held at the Opposition’s Office in Parliament the MSJA officials explained the vision of the Association for the future of Sport in Malta. Dr Grech was presented also with a report including five concrete proposals which are being put forward by the MSJA to the competent authorities to be implemented in the near future.

Sandro Micallef stressed on the fact that the Malta Sports Journalists Association has now become a relevant Association with a proactive approach whereby local Sports Associations and Federations are visualizing the MSJA as a main stakeholder in the local sports scenario.  He added that one on the main targets of the MSJA is to continue to put pressure so that Sports is brought forward as much as possible in the country’s agenda.

During the meeting the Opposition and PN Leader Dr Grech was accompanied by the Shadows of Sport and Media; Robert Cutajar and Therese Comodini Cachia respectively. Christian Micallef Chairperson of TimSport PN was also in attendance.