The Malta Journalism Awards Commission of the Malta Institute of Journalists is launching the 30th edition of these prestigious awards with some changes from previous editions and the inclusion of new categories. These awards are aimed at acknowledging and awarding journalistic efforts and promoting high standards in local journalism.

Fort the first time a Commission has been set up at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute held last June, to organize these Awards. The Commission is autonomous and is composed of Pierre Cassar, who was in charge of the consultation process on the said Awards, Sandro Micallef and Christian Peregin. Sylvana Debono, Nigel Mifsud and Mario Schiavone, President Segretary and Treasurer of the IGM form part of the said Commission, thus ensuring the necessary synergy with the direction of the Institute.

This 30th edition of the Malta Journalism Awards reflects the wishes of the IGM members as exressed during the consultation process held earlier this year.

The contest will have 18 categories that covers all journalistic aspects in all medium. The main Award will be for the Best Investigative Journalism work. The edition will also include the Gold Award that will go to the journalist who distinguished himself throughout a long career.

Attached with this press release one will find a list of categories and relative information about each category.

Works submitted for the Awards must have been published during 2019.

Another innovation that is being introduced this year is a new website – which is a digital platform that gives all information that journalists may require in the discharge of their important job.

Submissions for the Malta Journalism Awards should be sent electronically on a form which is readily available on said website. This will guarantee more efficiency, and a more environment friendly system of submissions.

Applications for this edition are open and will be received until September 25.

The final night of the Malta Journalism Awards is targeted for November 14, 2020. Further details will be published in due course according to developments in the Covid 19 pandemic.