The Institute of Maltese Journalists introduced a series of firsts during a meeting of the new executive council, nominating its first-ever female president and council members receiving their own designations to spearhead the IGM’s mission for the next few years.

During a meeting held yesterday, Sylvana Debono, a veteran journalist who heads the editorial team at Beacon Media group which incorporates both as well as 103FM, was chosen to be the IGM’s president. She thanked the outgoing President Yannick Pace for his work as well as the preceding council for laying solid foundations for future achievements.
“This is a great team, and we all bring different skills to the table. We should be able to be of service to our profession and raise standards even higher,” said Sylvana Debono. Debono will be supported by an executive council which will now reflect the ever-increasing priorities of the IGM. Each member has been handed a specific remit to help the IGM bring a renewed and passionate focus to each sector of the industry.

The positions are as follows:
President – Sylvana Debono
(Director of Policy, Ethics, Annual Journalism Conference Coordinator and Member of the Malta Journalism Awards Commission)
Vice President – Claire Caruana
(Assistance to the President, SLAPP, Outreach, Campaigns)
General Secretary – Nigel Mifsud
(Administration, Director of Secretariat, International Relations (inc. IFJ and EFJ),
Coordinator on transformation to Trade Union and Member of Malta Journalism Awards
Membership and Events Secretary – Christine Amaira
(Membership Administrator, Social Policy and Events)
Information Secretary – Julian Bonnici
(Public Relations, Website and Social Media Coordinator)
Treasurer – Mario Schiavone
(Financial Reports, Bank Accounts, IĠM Archives)
Assistant Secretary – Neil Camilleri
(Assistance to the General Secretary, Reforms)
Education Secretary – Charles Camenzuli
Freelance, Photographers and Cameramen Representative – Dominic Aquilina
Sports Journalists Representative – Sandro Micallef