The World is today celebrating sports journalism. This day has been commemorated for several years, always on 2nd July, since it is the day when AIPS the Association of International Sports Media was founded.

This year’s celebration is a special one because of the fact that AIPS is celebrating its 100th year anniversary since its foundation way back in 1924 during a meeting that was held in Paris.

On this occasion, AIPS President, Gianni Merlo, wished that all that has been acquired in sports media will be sustained and renewed for the future. He made reference to the increased number of persons working exclusively on social media, the increase in use of artificial intelligence and the phenomenon of Content Creators. Merlo suggested that journalists need to embrace challenges and that no one should be afraid of change. This message was relayed during an online meeting to which was attended by journalists from all around the world.

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Earlier during the day, the President of the Malta Sports Journalists Association, Sandro Micallef, emphasized on the importance of celebrating this day dedicated to Sports Journalism even in Malta. He remarked that despite the small number of full-time sports journalists in Malta (because most members are part-timers or contributors), they still have to be proud of the service that is being rendered to Maltese sports with their contribution to the media.

Micallef pointed out the importance of unity and solidarity amongst all journalists and thanked all members for their support throughout the year.

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For this occasion, the Malta Sports Journalists Association contributed like many other countries with the production of an audiovisual clip about Malta’s participation throughout the years in the Olympics. This clip was created by young sports journalist Ryan Cauchi.

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