The Malta Sports Journalists Association (MSJA) has announced that the fourth award for the year 2023, covering the October-December-period, has been awarded to George Muscat.

The awarded act of Fair Play occurred during the 2nd race at the Malta Equidrome held on the 5th of November, during which there was an incident at the end of the race which for many went unnoticed.

Nearing the end of the race the driving bridle of mare Capuchin came loose thus putting in difficulty young driver Clint Gauci who had no way of controlling the horse and consequently unable to stop without causing an accident. Driver George Muscat on horse Boom Boom Becker realised what was happening and pulled up his horse in a way to come near enough to catch the mare by the head and thus stopping her in time for Clint Gauci to alight from the sulky without any harm.

“George Muscat’s swift intervention in handling his opponent’s mare during the race exemplifies sportsmanship and altruism at its fines”, said Edward Licari, Director of Together Gaming Solutions.

The TGS Malta Fair Play Award presentation was held in the presence of Edward Licari, Director of Together Gaming Solutions, at their offices in St. Julian’s. Charles Camenzuli was representing the Malta Fair Play Movement. The Malta Sports Journalists Association was represented by General Secretary Lorraine Cunningham and Administrator Stephen Azzopardi.

Members of the public, teams, or officials can notify the Malta Sports Journalists Association and the Malta Fair Play Movement and make them aware of a fair play gesture by contacting them at for consideration.

Photo caption: Charles Camenzuli (Chairman Malta Fair Play Movement) presenting TGS Fair Play Award trophy for October-December period to George Muscat (Horse Racing) together with Edward Licari (Director of Together Gaming Solutions) and Lorraine Cunningham (MSJA General Secretary).