Manchester United’s football legend Dion Dublin was a special guest at VisitMalta’s stand during the Destinations fair being held in Manchester during this weekend. All those present had the chance to take photographs and request autographs as well as exchange light comments with the ex footballer who had played for Manchester United in the early nineties.

Malta Sports Journalists’ General Secretary Lorraine Cunningham had the opportunity to interview Dion Dublin who said that football had changed a lot over the past 30 years with progress being done in nutrition, training, tactics as well as gear such as football boots whilst the game has become slower.

Occupying various roles in the industry since retiring from his football career notably as a pundit as well as a director for Cambridge United, he was asked which role he preferred best. He said that he did not consider any of them as jobs as he loved all of them but  his answer was clear when  he said “getting up in the morning to train and getting paid, playing football on Saturday and getting paid – it is the best job in the world”.

As for the highlights of his football career, Dublin said it was great with Manchester United especially since he scored during his debut but definitely nothing surpasses the feeling of pride each time he put on England’s shirt playing for his country.

Having fond memories of Malta when he visited with Manchester United some 30 years ago, Dublin expressed his wish to return back with his family hopefully sometime this year.

This interview was made possible through VisitMalta and its collaboration with Manchester United.