Dylan Portelli, Birgu Regatta Club’s rower, has been awarded the TGS Fair Play Award. This is the third award for the year 2023, covering the July-September-period.

The award given by the Malta Sports Journalists Association in collaboration with the Malta Fair Play Movement and Together Gaming Solutions, is aimed at sporting individuals or teams that would have distinguished themselves with an altruistic gesture of fair play during official and/or non-official competitions.

The awarded act of Fair Play occurred during the last edition of the Regatta Nazzjonali held at the Valletta’s Grand Harbour on the 8th of September. At the end of one of the races, Bormla Regatta Club’s rower Clive Casha was not feeling well.

As Bormla’s rower Clive Casha was transferred to a Civil Protection’s boat to receive the necessary medical assistance, his rowing partner Dennis Thornton remained alone on the Dgħajsa Tal-Pass Ta’ Bi Tnejn (two oars men boat). Since they were classified with the top 3, following the Għaqda Regatta Nazzjonali’s regulations, the boat had to be taken ashore for weighing.  Since Thornton couldn’t row alone,  Dylan Portelli from the rival team Birgu, offered him his help. Eventually Portelli rowed together with Thornton and  arrived safely to the shore, so that the rowing boat could be weighed. This is considered as an act of Fair Play, as if it wasn’t for the generous intervention of Birgu’s rower Dylan Portelli, Bormla were in high risk of losing the time limit.

“Extending a hand in assistance and setting aside competition is the resounding message needed presently worldwide. Dylan’s actions convey this message of unity, serving as an exemplary illustration that should reverberate universally,” said Edward Licari, Director of Together Gaming Solutions.

The TGS Malta Fair Play Award was presented by Liana Said, Head of Finance at Together Gaming Solutions, at their offices in St. Julian’s. Charles Camenzuli was representing the Malta Fair Play Movement. The Malta Sports Journalists Association was represented by the Administrator Stephen Azzopardi and member Josef Galdes.

Members of the public, teams, or officials can notify the Malta Sports Journalists Association and the Malta Fair Play Movement and make them aware of a fair play gesture by contacting them at info@maltasportsjournalists.com for consideration.

Photo caption: Liana Said (Head of Finance Together Gaming Solutions) presenting TGS Fair Play Award trophy for July-September period to Dylan Portelli (Birgu Regatta Club) together with Charles Camenzuli (Chairman Malta Fair Play Movement), Stephen Azzopardi (MSJA Administrator) and Josef Galdes (MSJA Member).