It has been a fantastic day for the Maltese athletes with many medals being won including an incredible number of Gold meaning that expectations are being met and the athletes and officials are reaping the results of all their hard work.
This is a medal recap:
Athletics Women’s Pole Vault – Peppijna Dalli
Athletics Women’s Long Jump – Claire Azzopardi
Athletics Men’s 800m – Jared Micallef
Athletics Women’s 800m – Gina McNamara
Athletics Men’s 10,000m – Jordan Gusman
Athletics Women’s 10,000m – Lisa Bezzina
Judo Women -48kg – Katryna Esposito
Squash Women’s Singles – Colette Sultana
Swimming 4 x 100m Freestyle Men – Team Malta
Judo Men -60kg – James Zahra
Squash Women’s Singles – Lijana Sultana
Swimming 200m Butterfly Women – Sarah Demicoli
Swimming 800m Freestyle Women – Sasha Gatt
Athletics Women’s Hammer Throw – Mireya Cassar
Athletics Women’s Pole Vault – Sana Grillo
Athletics Women’s 800m – Clare Mcnamara
Athletics Men’s 100m – Beppe Grillo
Athletics Men’s 10,000m – Dillon Cassar
Judo Men -90kg – Valerian Ogbaidze
Judo Men -100kg – Isaac Bezzina
Squash Men’s Singles – Kijan Sultana
Swimming 200m Women Backstroke – Victoria Balderacchi
Swimming 200m Men Backstroke – Thomas Wareing
Swimming 800m Men Freestyle – Dylan Cachia