For the third consecutive year, the Malta Sports Journalists Association (MSJA), as an associate member of the Malta Fair Play Movement (MFPM), has teamed up with Together Gaming Solutions (TGS) to give recognition to the concept of fair play in sport as well as to revive the Fair Play Award.

The concept of the Fair Play Award and its recognition in Malta date back to the 1980s, when the late sports journalist Lewis Portelli introduced and organised this award aimed at sporting individuals or teams who would have distinguished themselves with an altruistic gesture of fair play during official and non-official competitions.

Experts in the local sports scene have been accepted to form part of the MFPM, which, together with the MSJA, will be making assessments and evaluations of eventual fair play nominations. The adjudicating panel is formed by Charles Camenzuli (Chairperson), Adele Muscat, Pierre Cassar, Kevin Joseph Azzopardi and Sandro Micallef.

At the moment, the MFPM is evaluating entries related to the fair play concept that associations, sports officials and athletes might have witnessed during the January–March 2023 period.

Details of the event or competition as well as details of the athlete(s), team(s), or official(s) involved are to be indicated.

The panel will therefore consider fair play situations forwarded by the general public, sports associations, and federations by email to by no later than 14th April 2023.