Representatives from the sports journalists’ associations of Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro and San Marino officially met in Lausanne on Wednesday 23 January 2019, during the AIPS Congress, with the topic of the meeting the bi-annual Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) and the creation of a working group of the respective journalist associations.

In the meeting, which took place in the Olympic capital under the auspices of AIPS Europe, with president Charles Camenzuli present, the representatives of the journalist associations agreed to a series of proposals they will put forward to the upcoming hosts of the Games and the nine National Olympic Committees (NOC’s) which are in charge of organizing the event.

The Games of the Small States of Europe are a multisport event which features the nine European NOC’s with a population under one million and takes place every two years on a rotational basis. After joining the GSSE family in 2009 as its ninth member, Montenegro will host in 2019 for the first time the event. The 2021 Games will take place in Andorra, while Malta is expected to host in 2023. The GSSE started in 1985 with San Marino the first hosts.

Those present in the meeting

The meeting in Lausanne was presided by AIPS Europe president Charles Camenzuli who originates from Malta. Cyprus was present with president Erodotos Miltiadous, secretary general Mikaelo Papadakis and former secretary general and AIPS Europe executive committee member Michalis Gavrielides. Luxembourg was represented by president Petz Lahure. Malta was present with its president Sandro Micallef and organizational secretary Antvin Monseigneur. Secretary General Todor Brajkovic was present for Montenegro, while San Marino was represented by president Elia Gorini and associate Matteo Pascucci. Although not present in the AIPS Congress, Iceland via its association president Eiríkur Stefán Ásgeirsson expressed their agreement with the outcome of the meeting. Andorra, Monaco and Liechtenstein currently don’t feature a national sports journalists association.

Following a proposal by Charles Camenzuli, the presidency of the working group will be assumed in the same rotational manner as with the hosts of the GSSE, with Todor Brajkovic of Montenegro named the first president. For the next year Erodotos Miltiadous of Cyprus will conduct the organizational matters of the group, with Sandro Micallef of Malta next assuming the duties.

The proposals of the group

The representatives of the journalist associations agreed to a series of matters with the purpose to better improve the working conditions of the Media during the GSSE, in line with the continuous growth of the Games and the higher needs of the Press. Amongst others, the GSSE Media Workgroup calls for compact Games, introduction of the Young Journalists Program, certain prerequisites regarding internet, transportation, accommodation and media dining, specific organization of the Main Press Center and the Venue Media Centers as well as certain assistances to photographers and cameramen.

The next step of the working group will be to contact the nine NOC’s, with the purpose to create a steady communication between the journalists and the organizers, which will benefit the Games in total.