On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of its foundation, the Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sport wishes to express its satisfaction following the activity held last Saturday 29th January: the SportMalta Awards l-Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali.

Positive comments coming from those present at the MCC and from the thousands of tele viewers that followed the shown Live on TVM gave a lot of satisfaction to all members involved in the organisation as well as journalists that gave their contribution through their personal voting in the five traditional categories that fall directly under the responsibilities of the GĦĠS  that is: the Sportsman of the Year, Sportswoman of the Year, the Team of the Year, the Official of the Year and the Youth Athlete of the Year.

The Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sport expresses also its satisfaction following the professional  methodology undertaken by the Chairperson of the SportMalta  Awards l-Għażliet Sportivi Nazzjonali Mr. Pippo Psaila during the build up and organisation for the event and as well shows its gratitude towards all members of the Organising Committee especially Ms. Susan Ronald.

The GĦĠS took note of the clear message made by the Chairman of the KMS (Malta Sports Council) Mr. Bernard Vassallo who expressed his wish that the agreement between the Malta Sport Council and the GĦĠS would be extended so that this event be carried out professionally during the coming years through the combined efforts of both organisations. The GĦĠS confirms that this invitation would be discussed with all members at its Annual General Meeting that will be held in the coming weeks.


Following our members’  voting and the results published, the Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sport wishes to clarify matters regarding the exclusion from the final five finalists of the Sportsman of the Year category of  water polo player Stevie Camilleri. The GĦĠS opted not comment before the final evening purely not to come into useless controversy with individuals who were and are still trying to ridicule this national activity or discredit by one means or other the Executive Committee of the GĦĠS in its selection of the five finalists.

The GĦĠS recognises the ongoing success which is being achieved by Stevie Camilleri, with Bogliasco in Italy, but unfortunately he could not be part of the last five finalists as he did not feature with the National water polo team during the team’s games against Poland and Turkey in 2010. The general public should be aware that a fundamental selection criteria to be amongst the five finalists in the Sportivi Nazzjonali is to render a service with the National team which criteria  Camilleri for various reason of his own failed  to do, notwithstanding  official invitations from the National coach Afric and his association ASA who have tried their utmost to convince the player to make himself available.

Finally, the GĦĠS wishes to congratulate all winners as well as those that managed to reach their respective categories’ five finalists.